1 Macarthy Drive, Gbaya Town, Taiama, Sierra Leone

Visitation of Students at the Agribusiness Department, Njala University on a Field Trip

Today, we welcome students from Njala University’s Agribusiness Management Department to the AUGMAC FARMS processing center in Taiama. Their purpose was to walk them through and teach them about the cassava value chain process. As an agricultural processing company, we believe in providing more opportunities for students, young Agro-processors, and local cassava fabricators to learn […]

The Important of AUGMAC Farms (SL) Limited Initiative to Boast Local Farmers Involving in Garri Production in Taiama, Kori Chiefdom, Moyamba District, Sierra Leone

The commercialization of cassava in Sierra Leone, involves mainly processing it into Garri and Fufu, which are major food commodities. Nigeria is the leading producer and biggest market in Africa, but it must import to meet its food needs. Sierra Leone has considerable surplus and much of the crop produced can be processed into exportable […]