1 Macarthy Drive, Gbaya Town, Taiama, Sierra Leone

Visitation of Students at the Agribusiness Department, Njala University on a Field Trip

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Today, we welcome students from Njala University’s Agribusiness Management Department to the AUGMAC FARMS processing center in Taiama. Their purpose was to walk them through and teach them about the cassava value chain process. As an agricultural processing company, we believe in providing more opportunities for students, young Agro-processors, and local cassava fabricators to learn about cassava processing at the AUGMAC FARMS cassava processing center, which we believe can be a valuable endeavor with numerous benefits.

Cassava, also known as manioc or yuca, is a staple food for millions of people worldwide, primarily in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. AUGMAC FARMS processes this versatile root vegetable into a variety of products, including Garri, flour, starch, and animal feed. These students recognized that cassava processing can broaden their knowledge of various food production techniques, agricultural practices, and food security issues. Cassava is a hardy crop that can grow in a variety of environmental conditions, making it an important food security crop for many communities.

These students were empowered with a wealth of experience, with the goal of providing them with the resources and skills they need to explore new ways to improve cassava processing techniques, develop new cassava-based products, and find solutions to challenges faced by cassava farmers and processors. This can help to develop sustainable agriculture practices and strengthen local economies in Sierra Leone.

Our final recommendations was, at AUGMAC FARMS, we recognize that teaching more students and young people about cassava processing benefits them not only academically, but also socially and environmentally. Students and young Agro-processors can gain a better understanding of food production, sustainability, and global food systems by learning about this versatile root vegetable and its processing techniques. As a result, incorporating cassava processing education into university curricula can be an excellent investment in Sierra Leone’s future food security and agricultural innovation.

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