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Entrepreneurship Skills Training Programme that empowers 21 High School Girls with Business Development ideas

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In Taiama, Kori Chiefdom based on findings from Victoria – Taiama Project they came to realize that most of their sponsored high school young girls tend to be less skilled and inexperienced in entrepreneurship and leadership, besides this the high rate of young girls dropping outs from school, as well as those already in high schools lacks entrepreneurship and leadership abilities. The high proportion of young girls dropping out of schools and doing nothing is an indication that they are not gaining the necessary skills and experience in levitation and hurtling the development trajectory of Taiama and Sierra Leone at large.

AUGMAC FARMS, with support from the Victoria – Taiama Project, jointly conducted one day training on introduction to entrepreneurship and leadership training that benefited 21 young girls sponsored by the Victoria – Taiama Project. This training focuses on encouraging them to use entrepreneurship to be a top priority for them in terms of the potential for job creation and a source of boosting up their self-reliance capacities. The training focuses on changing the participants’ mindsets in order to change their thinking rather, this aids in the formation of enterprises that encourage widespread engagement of young girls in economic empowerment and poverty reduction efforts in their respective communities.

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